Road trip!

Friday, July 28 through Sunday, August 6

Grab a friend and start planning your 10-day road trip to dozens of beautiful yarn shops in the Heartland this summer! 

Start anywhere you like from mid-Michigan to northern Kentucky, eastern Indiana, and all the way across Ohio. 

You'll discover new shops, new yarn, new inspiration, and new friends. 

Let's go!


At the end of the 10-day event, we'll draw winners from all participants. Prizes will include kits, yarn, tools, and more - stay tuned for details!

However! This event isn't about visiting as many shops as you can. It's about having a fun adventure, discovering new yarn shops, and creating new memories.


Many yarn shops will offer great deals on yarn and tools and kits and gifts and ... well, you get the idea. 

Each shop will publicize  their plans as the event draws closer, so be sure to follow all your favorite shops as well as our event's Facebook and Instagram pages.


Each shop is different, so they'll all have their own unique way to show you how much they appreciate your business. 

We know it's not about the giveaways and freebies and treats. But they're so nice to get, aren't they?? And they come from love.